Punching Sound Effects In Kickboxing Studio

Welcome to the Fight Club and how I recorded these punching sound effects Orange County!

While living in the US I had to do something! When I lived in Switzerland my main sports are running and road cycling! I loved it and spent at least 20 hours a week on my bikes and on the weekends we went to cycling competitions in Germany, Italy or France for example! It is a fun hobby and keeps you busy. Since we travel around the world I do not cycle at all anymore and that is something that I really miss.

Radrennen Lörrach Rheinfelden

So we are settled in California for 3 months and I decided to do something more than just go running in the morning or Yoga with YouTube.

I am also not a big fitness studio guy! It is just something what I do not enjoy. I do like going to classes from time to time but I get bored pretty fast if its to monoton. That’s why I love cycling! I am out in nature and not only I move, the whole world is moving around me!
So I went to the Website Groupon to see what is available and I decided why not Fitness Kickboxing? That sounds like fun, 90 Minutes workouts are not to bad.
I went to the studio and got a two day pass for free to see if I like it. Honestly, I didn’t like it at all, but I knew it is still good to keep my body in shape!

So, I commit myself to do it and paid 50 US Dollar for the one-month cardio kickboxing classes.
If you would ask me why I don’t like it, maybe because of the overall vibe in the studio or because it is in a studio. I also did Karate when I was a kid so I am more focused on a strict order of training instead of punching a punching bag for 90 minutes. Anyway, it is still a great work out for the body.

punching sound effects

One of the first things I do liked when I entered the studio was the sound until they turn on the radio.
The sounds that I recorded in the beginning of the recordings are actually official UFC Fighters.
More and more people showed up so it gets slowly more intense and more people practicing on the punching bags.
The warm-up is with jump ropes before everybody starts kicking and punching the bags!

About the punching sound effects

-In the beginning, you have one Guy kicking and boxing. He does some crazy noises while working out.
-The trainer tells him how to hit.
-You can listen to a squeaking noise. That is the ventilator on top of the roof.
-Now it gets slowly busy. More people warming up with jump ropes and kicking the punching bag.
-You here the trainer talking again and lower punches up to the intense punch.
-More screamings from the UFC Fighters.
-The training begins with jump ropes.
-Somebody who works out near the recorder makes some funny “zishing” noises and the punching bag starts to squeak as well.
-Before the recording ends I went to a punching bag and made some “cleaner kicks on the bags. You still have people talking in the background and I am barefoot so you hear me walking around on the matt.

All the sounds are only recorded on the Zoom H6!

punching sound effects

I recorded for almost 90 Minutes but the most sounds are unusable because of the music. I cut my way around the sound and got rid of most of the music but if you still can hear something make sure to cut it out too if you like to use it for your project! At the end, we have around 8 minutes sounds what is more than enough for background ambient.

punching sound effects

That’s the most beautiful thing that I like about boxing: you can take a punch. The biggest thing about taking a punch is your ego reacts and there’s no better spiritual lesson than trying to not pay attention to your ego’s reaction. – David O Russell

…and now I invite you to download these punching and kicking sound effects! 

Listen from Bandcamp! You can also download two other versions from Bandcamp.

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