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sound compilation: trains & subway hong kong

Hong kong subway

Hong Kong MTR Subway Sound Effects


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Hong Kong Subways & Train Sounds

Discover the Thrills of Hong Kong’s Subway & Train Ambience with Our Latest Sound Library! Get ready to experience the bustling sounds of one of the world’s most efficient subway systems with our newest recording in Hong Kong. With over 80% of the population relying on public transportation, this dynamic city is a true hub of activity.

Captured just before the official announcement of the Covid-19 pandemic, this library features the ambient noise of multiple MTR stations and subway trains, including the Red Line, Green Line, Blue Line, and Yellow Line.

Our sound effects were recorded using top-quality gear, including the DPA 4060 omnidirectional microphones and the Zoom F6. The microphones were mounted on a Lowe ProTactic BP 450 Wii for optimal stealth recording.

Find these unique sound recordings, along with over 350 others from Hong Kong, in the 192kHz 32bit All In One Bundle under the Hong Kong category on Bandcamp. Immerse yourself in the exciting sounds of Hong Kong today!


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Train and Subway Sound Effects Hong Kong


our Premium Train Sounds Library


Hong Kong Subway

18 files • 24 bit / 192 kHz • 4 GB
40 mins

Hong Kong Subway

Hong Kong MTR Subway Sound Effects



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