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sound compilation: electroslush mini city sample library


Electrosluch Mini City Sample Library!


what's included

Recording electromagnetic fields


This free emf sound sample library offers an exciting and unique collection of electromagnetic sound effects.


A Unique Collection of Electromagnetic Sound Effects

The world of sound design is constantly evolving, and with the advent of new technology, it’s becoming easier to explore and discover new sonic landscapes. One of such device that shaped the world of sound design is the Elektrosluch Mini City. 


Elektrosluch Mini City

According to LOM’s website, the Elektrosluch Mini City is an open-source device that allows one to explore the sonic world of electromagnetic fields that surround us every day. This innovative contraption has been used to record various electronic devices such as cameras, remote controls, air conditions, televisions, lights, motorbikes, and even an electronic toothbrush, among others.


The Electromagnetic Sound Recordings

The sound recordings included in this electromagnetic field (EMF) sound effects library are a result of recording the sounds of everyday electronic devices. The devices used are cameras such as the Leica Q2, Ricoh GR3x, Sony A7iv, and Sony ZV1, as well as sounds from Mac Books, iPads, and iPhones. The result is a diverse range of sounds that are hard to describe, as each track was created from scratch to explore the world of sound design.


The Range of Sounds in the Library

The Elektrosluch Mini City Sound Sample Library is a must-have collection for anyone looking to add a unique touch to their personal or commercial projects. Whether you’re a sound designer looking to add new elements to your sci-fi sound design, or just someone looking to add new sounds to your personal library, this library is sure to help you transporting your ideas to another dimension. With the vast array of source sounds, you can expect to create a mix of dark, atmospheric sci-fi sounds, electric drones, and otherworldly soundscapes that are sure to make your projects stand out.



In conclusion, the Elektrosluch Mini City Sound Sample Library is a valuable resource for anyone looking to explore the world of electromagnetic sound effects. Get ready to explore the unknown and experience the future of sound design!


All In One Bundle

YES! We update our All In One Bundle with all new sound recordings at the end of each month, and this EMF sound library is inside the Indonesia category!


Sound samples

Elektrosluch Mini City Sound Samples


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27 min


Electrosluch Mini City Sample Library!



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