Royalty-free sound effects

Free Sound Effects & Sound Libraries

Looking for free sound effects or free sound libraries? We always have freebies on our Bandcamp account but with over 341 libraries (and counting) it is almost impossible to find them. Make sure to bookmark this page because we’ll be updating this page frequently!

Keep in mind that free doesn’t mean low quality. All libraries are recorded with high end equipment and are uploaded in the highest bitrate possible. Remember that our sound libraries are royalty-free so you can use them for your personal and commercial projects.

You can explore more sound libraries here as well!



All sound libraries below are hosted with Bandcamp.

  • Choose the library you wish to download. 
  • Click on “Name Your Price” and type in “0”. 
  • If the default is at mp3, make sure you change to wav for the high quality files. If you still unsure, we made a quick tutorial video.

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