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The Journey to Piton de la Fournaise: A Thrilling Adventure

Reaching an active volcano is already a unique experience, but the journey to get there can also be equally amazing. Driving on the rough and bumpy gravel roads of Piton de la Fournaise, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, offers a thrilling adventure filled with unique sounds.


The Gravel Footsteps Sound Library

This sound library offers captivating and distinctive recordings of gravel footsteps, both slow and fast. Additionally, it includes recordings of the bumpy gravel road while driving with open windows, capturing the sound of the volcanic rocks as the microphone is facing the wheels, adding another layer of sound to the experience.

Located in La Réunion, France, Piton de la Fournaise can be reached by rental car. The best route is “Route De Vulcan” which can be found on Google Maps. For those who prefer hiking, a 35 km hike from Bourg-Murat uphill is also available.


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