Clicks, Button, Switch & Lever Sounds


Royalty Free Sound Library

Clicks, Buttons & Levers Sound Effects
$ 3
  • Specs: 132 files • 24 bit /192 kHz • 1.2 MB • Includes metadata
  • Duration: Approx. 5 Minutes total
  • Delivery: Instant - Blazingly-Fast - Digital Download On Bandcamp
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • No copyright claims, no royalty fees & no credit required
  • License type: Royalty-Free, Single User

This newly updated clicks & button sound library gives you a great selection of buttons and clicks recorded in apartments and hotels in Malaysia, Singapore, Cyprus, and the United States!

While traveling across the world I have the chance to live in so many different places and if the time allows me then I am not only recording toilet and shower sounds I do record the sounds of all the different buttons, switches or levers with high quality recording equipment! It takes months to create such an interesting & diverse sound library that you can download for only $3 instead of paying  $30 or more on different other sound libraries!

Another great feature is what I offer is downloading just the sound you need! Maybe you don’t need 300 clicks & you are not forced to by the complete library! If you need only one click sound recording out of this library On Bandcamp you can do that. One recording is only $1! 

Files: 132 files • Including metadata 

Size: 1.2 GB

Sample Rate: 192-24 WAV

Duration: Approx. 5 min

GearZoom H6, Zoom F8n, SEM-01, Zoom F4,DPA 4060, Usi Pro, Wildtronics Mono/Stereo Dish, AKG C411

Delivery: Instant – blazingly-fast – digital download on Bandcamp

License type: Royalty -Free

Price: $3

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Buying or downloading our sound libraries for free on Bandcamp comes with a lot of benefits!

  • you can listen to each single track inside the library!
  • you are not forced to buy/download the complete library. If you need only one or two recordings you can just buy/download the one you need! 
  • unlimited downloads & streamings whenever you want & from wherever you want! If you lose the files or your hard drive breaks you can always re-download the files without having to purchase again! 
  • I always upload files in the highest possible quality but Bandcamp gives you the options to choose between MP3 V0, MP3 320, FLAC, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, ALAC, WAV, AIFF what is super awesome!
  • with creating a free account you get automatically notified if I publish a new library without signing up for a newsletter!

Can I edit the files?

Yes! All sounds are royalty-free & you can edit & manipulate our recordings without attribution after your purchase.

Can I sell the files?

Well, not in its original form but:

  • in any manipulated form if you are a sound designer
  • in any musical compositions without limitations
  • within podcasts, audio dramas, games, post-production for film & video production, apps & many more!

We have an awesome license agreement made just for your needs!

How often can I download & use this library?

If you have downloaded the library on Bandcamp you have unlimited downloads plus unlimited & lifelong use in all your projects!

I only need one sound! Do I need to download all the sounds?

No, On Bandcamp you can just download the track you like without downloading the complete library! This is something you are not getting on other sound library platform and is an awesome feature!

What is a single-user license?

That means all our sound effects & sound libraries are granted for one person only! If you know that multiple users in our office are going to work with the sounds then you need a multi-user license!

How do I get a multi-user license?

Are you a business with more than one workstation? That is super simple. You buy the library x times for the number of people that are going to work with the sound library or sound effect. On Bandcamp you can choose the price. If you now 5 people are going to work with the sounds and the library cost $3 then you pay $15!

More questions?

We are real people so please message us anytime at [email protected] and we are super happy to answer all your questions!

Metadata & Keyword List

Get The Library Here

These click sound effects coming all as wav files and if you work on Logic Pro, Cubase, Nuendo, Ableton, Pro Tools, Reaper, Audacity, Adobe or any other audio or video editing software you are good to go!

All recordings in this library are in 192 kHz / 24 bits, which gives you all the flexibility you need. 
Since we embedded these files with rich metadata like file description & keywords you are able to quickly find the sounds if you use professional audio management tools like Soundly, Soundminer, Basehead or Sound Grinder.






All recordings have metadata and keywords! Perfect if you use Soundminer, Soundly, Basehead or other program to search for sounds in your library!

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