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Best Rechargeable Power Source For Zoom F6

Let’s talk about power for the Zoom F6. The best approach to power the Zoom F6 is the way that works best for you and how you record.

Some field recordists like to record in one area for hours. This is ideal for interesting overnight recordings. Others like to capture hour-long sound walks through cities or forests especially for YouTube videos. But that’s not me.

I love to move around much faster to record more variety and areas. That means I record between 3 to 5 minutes (depending on the situation) and go to a new destination. That can be another side street, a market, train station, harbor or the nearest waterfall.

Another factor you should consider is what type of microphones and how many you’ll be using with your Zoom F6?

With mono or stereo microphones, I was able to record between 4 and 5 hours using 4x LADDA 2450 (IKEA), which was never a problem for me. I always carry an extra pack with me. It worked great with the setup.

With the Rode NT-SF1, I reach the maximum potential of these batteries and can record on all four channels between 1 and 1.5 hours which is not enough. It’s time to step up my power source game…

If you are recording with more than two channels, I would recommend using either a power bank or an NP-F lithium-ion battery.

I bought a GoaZero 36 power bank with 10050mAh and used it together with the Rode ambisonic microphone. After 100 hours, the power bank was empty which is a great time for such small power bank. It also fits perfectly in the Ktek for Zoom F6 bag. You can use a power bank to power your Zoom H6,  Zoom H8 as well.

Libby has a Watson NPF 7700 battery and I thought I should give it a try. I have to say I reached a new level of excitement.

I tested this battery and recorded it on all six channels. 9 hours later, the battery was empty which is still an amazing time for 4400mAh. For my purpose and the way I record, this is great and I can recommend it.

The batteries come in different mAh versions. Find out which one is best for you. Batteries, power bank or Lithium-Ion Battery Pack? Make sure you change to the correct battery system in the Zoom F6’s settings.

Power Sources For Zoom F6

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