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We’re so glad you’re hear… (haha)

No really, we’re super happy that you made your way to the Free To Use Sounds category page! Hi, I’m Marcel, a German sound recordist and if this is your first time landing on our site then we should probably let you know that we’re a little different (in a good a way of course!)

You’re probably wondering who the “we” is I’m referring to? Oh, I’m talking about my girlfriend Libby! Since 2017, we’ve been traveling the world in search of unique soundscapes and destinations to record for this very website you’re parked at!

The sounds you’ll discover we’re recorded by us in over 20 countries around the globe. Over the past 2.5 years, we’ve been carrying high-quality recording equipment to capture nature sounds like deep in the jungles of Vietnam to the hectic ambience of the concrete jungle of New York City!

People from 190 countries (thanks Google analytics) have been using our royalty-free sounds already! From an audio student in India needing that perfect airport soundscape to an app developer in Silicon Valley wanting an ocean sound for their latest update, our recordings are meant for anyone pursuing their creativity!

So how can you use these sounds? Well, that’s up to you and we don’t want to limit your vision for your project! However, we suggest looking over the license agreement to know what ways you can’t use the sounds. 

Now that we have this out of the way, we hope that you enjoy what we have to offer! When you select a sound in the category list below, you’ll be directed to a blog post with the featured sound. We enjoy writing and we like to explain about the location and how we recorded the sound!

If reading isn’t your thing, then scroll to the bottom where you’ll find the Bandcamp media player to download!

We should mention that you can get all of the categorized sounds from below in our premium libraries! Recently, we updated over 80Gb of new recordings from Cyprus, 100Gb from Vietnam, and a massive 107Gb from the United States! 

The saga continues… because we’re taking off to Europe soon to stock up on all those new tasty sounds (huh?) 

Now we invite you to take a gander and we hope you find what you’re looking for! If not, feel free to shoot us a message at [email protected]!

Listen to a few example recordings below! All sounds are available inside the All In One Bundle!



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