Water Sounds Irrigation System (Subak) Bali

Recording water sounds around traditional irrigation systems in Bali!

Bali has an incredible traditional water system called “Subak” and this system runs across the island everywhere where you can see rice fields and it is awarded by the UNESCO as World Heritage Cultural Landscape.

If you like to know more about “Subak and the Irrigation System, I found this really good article about it.

Every morning when the sun rises I did my daily 30 minutes jogging run and to avoid running on the streets, I took a small road into the rice field paddies.

water sounds

While I was running I listened to the sound of the flowing water until I realized every time I see one of these little “waterfalls” the sound is different.
It’s calming and relaxing at the same time so I decided on the next day, to bring my recorder with me to record the sound of it. I am not sure if anybody did these recordings already but I think its pretty cool.

I have 14 different water sounds systems recorded but I will be back in Bali in 3 months and record more of it, that’s for sure.

The photos that I used in this post are from Pixabay. I took photos of all water systems but Libby changed the card into a different camera and formatted the card. 🙁

water sounds

I uploaded all sounds separately to Bandcamp and made one long track for SoundCloud! You can choose what you prefer. Bandcamp or click the little hook in the media player of SoundCloud. I think these sounds are perfect for creating a meditative and relaxing music production but you can use it for whatever you like.

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