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12 files • 24 bit/192kHz • 2.3 GB • 50 min


Vibration Sound Effects Library with Shinkansen Vibrations

Are you in search of vibrating sample packs or unique sound effects for your music production or film projects? Look no further! We have recorded the low frequency vibrations of the Shinkansen windows using the LOM Geofon and created a one-of-a-kind sound library.

This collection features dynamic and ever-changing sounds that will provide endless possibilities for your projects. Whether you’re creating dark techno beats, horror sound design, or anything in between, this library is as unique as your ideas. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to add the vibrating sounds of the Shinkansen to your sound effect arsenal!


Understanding the Importance of Shinkansen Windows

Have you ever given thought to the windows inside a train? I have, especially during my recordings of the windows inside the Shinkansen. The windows in this high-speed train play a crucial role in making the train efficient, aerodynamic, and safe, while still providing passengers with a comfortable view.

As I discovered through my research, the windows in a Shinkansen need to be of high strength to withstand the pressure created by the train’s high speed and to protect against potential debris from the tracks. The glass needs to be able to withstand the pressure created by blasting through tunnels at high speeds and passing trains, with a combined closing speed of over 400 mph.

Despite being surrounded by stunning scenery during a Shinkansen journey, it is nearly impossible to fully appreciate it due to the train’s incredible speed. Nevertheless, the windows play an essential part in making the Shinkansen a safe and efficient mode of transportation.

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