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thunder Clap Sound Effects & rain Singapore

Looking for some realistic and high-quality thunder and rain sound effects? Look no further than our collection recorded during a heavy rainstorm in Singapore!

Living in Singapore during the rainy season meant experiencing nearly daily thunderstorms. One day, while on our way to Decathlon from the Ju Koon MRT station, I could already hear the heavy thunder in the distance. Thankfully, I had my audio gear with me just in case I came across some sounds I had to record!

I set up my equipment, which included a Zoom F8n, DPA 4060, and Zoom H3 VR (for ambisonic recordings), on the back of a bridge. During this recording session, I captured the sound of rain hitting the roof and dropping onto the street below. As the heavy lightning strikes approached, I recorded several claps of thunder sounds in the distance, followed by lightning bolt explosions and large thunder cracks and rolling. You’ll also hear heavy to mild rumbling sounds.

This sound library is perfect for anyone in post or music production, game or sound design, as well as for ASMR enthusiasts who find the sounds of rain and thunder relaxing. So, sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the stormy soundscape of Singapore.

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