Tesla Coil Sound Effects – Electric Sounds

Recording Tesla Coil Sound Effects and many more sounds at the Science Center in Singapore

Since I got the Priezor I am obsessed with electromagnetic fields or sounds that are created because of the electricity. Sounds is really infinity and with all my new equipment I could record anywhere in this world 24 hours because sound is just everywhere.  But in a Science Center?

Tesla Coil Sound Effects

A few days ago Cheng asked me if I am interested in going to the Science Center here in Singapore to record different effects including the Tesla Coil. WHAT A QUESTION. 🙂 I am super interested and we took the MRT and it was such a fun day. You Guys are not getting only the Tesla Coil sound effects. I packed in this album all sounds that I have recorded on this day in the center.  I give you a brief list of these sounds.

1.Changing Frequency With Sand – Contact Microphone
2.Drum Box – Contact Microphone
3.Earthquake Simulation – Contact Microphone
4.Electromagnetic Fields At Jacobs Latter –  Priezor
5.Electromagnetic Field In Glasbowl – Priezor
6.Old Jamaican Drum Machine With Air – Contact Microphone
7.Rolling Money In Funnel – Contact Microphone
8.Tesla Coil Electromagnetic Field – Priezor & DPA 4060
9.Unworldly Water Bubbles – Contact Microphone

The Tesla Coil show started at 5 pm so we had about 4 hours time to hang out at the center and doing fun stuff. We used a lot of the contact microphones and I got a new AKG 411PP from my friend Bruce and it was the perfect place to test it. Its quite expensive if you buy it knew so feel free to listen to the sounds that I recorded with it and if this is something for you then maybe you check it out. I recorded a guitar play with it and it sounds good to me.

1.Changing Frequency With Sand – Contact Microphone

You gonna love this one. Such amazing sound. What it was is that you have a compressor with sand and air and you turn a wheel and while you doing this you change the frequency of the sound. I attached the mic on top of the bowl and because the microphone is so tiny it fits perfect. For sound design, I think you can do a lot with it or if you work on a space movie. There is a lot of good stuff in it.

Tesla Coil Sound Effects

2.Drum Box Sound Effects – Contact Microphone

We walked around the second floor and in the middle of the way was this really fun drum box and it said “Tap here” so we did. At the back of the box was the speaker and I attached the microphone right there and got a nice bass sound.

Tesla Coil Sound Effects

3.Earthquake Sound Effects Simulation – Contact Microphone

I experienced a few earthquakes in my life and one of the heaviest one was 2017 in Tokyo or in the last few weeks in Bali but you know that if you follow my sound blogs. There was this little room where they show how earthquakes happen and to showcase a simulation there was this little room with a couch, a kitchen and a lamp on the rooftop. You have 3 different version to simulate and I recorded all of them by using BluTack and the AKG. In the middle of the room was a metal pole and I fixed it there. I picked up the shaking sounds and the engine so it doesn’t sound like an earthquake but it gives you still a very interesting sound. I like the squeaking of the light.

Tesla Coil Sound Effects

4.Electromagnetic Fields At Jacobs Latter Or Spark Gap –  Priezor

I recorded this sound only with the Priezor because it was impossible to capture a clean audio with the omnis. Too many people are in the room by the time we were recording. what happens here.  You press the button and between the two electrodes, it produced a continuous train of large sparks that rise up the ladder. I picked up the electromagnetic frequency quite well and it’s a great sound effect to experiment with it.

Tesla Coil Sound Effects

5.Electromagnetic Field In Glasbowl – Priezor

I saw several of these bowls in Movies but never paid attention to it. It looks fascinating and if you touch the glass with your hands you can shape and move the electricity inside the bowl. I used the Priezor to catch some of the sounds and I got a very nice effect. If you could give me the correct name of the bowl that would be cool and I update it.

Tesla Coil Sound Effects

6.Old Jamaican Drum Machine With Air – Contact Microphone

This drum machine is so old and works with an air compressor. The drumsticks are connected with the compressor and at the bottom of the machine is a paper roll with the notes that the machine plays. We put it two 20 cent coins and it played two different songs. We run out of coins so we couldn’t do it again but we got two nice tracks. It’s not a very clean audio because of many people in the background and the airflow of the compressor. I  used the contact microphone and placed it on the site and in the middle of the bowl.

Tesla Coil Sound Effects

7.Rolling Money In Funnel – Contact Microphone

Another very interesting sound and if you work on a casino movie or game you could fake the sound of the tiny white ball that the croupier puts in the roulette wheel. It’s a nice foley sound. What we actually did was using a 20 cent coin and a one dollar coin. You place the coin at the top of the funnel and let it roll until it hits the ground. The 20 cent recording is shorter because it hit the contact microphone. After replacing it the one dollar coin created a longer and a more interesting sound.

Tesla Coil Sound Effects

8.Tesla Coil Sound Effects Electromagnetic Field – Priezor & DPA 4060

Finally, it was 5 pm and the show began. After the speaker was done with her presentation the technician activated the Tesla Coil and over 4.2 million volts exploded. We had 4 runs of the Tesla coil and for the second one, a volunteer was placed in a cage with headphones and the full power of the electricity run through the cage. The last one was a very quick one. Two balloons filled with gas and after the technician activated the coil again the electricity hit the ballon and “Kaboom”.  I recorded with the DPA 4060 and with the Priezor. You can download all sounds separate from each other but I also did an “all mix” track. I love the DPA recordings for the power of the electricity I could capture.

Tesla Coil Sound Effects

9.Unworldly Water Bubbles – Contact Microphone

Finally, this sound can be used for any kind of sound design. It’s not a very spectacular sound but it still has a nice character. There are 3 syringes placed in the water and if you push the button you can see bubbles. There is not much more. Just some bubbles. So I couldn’t put the hydrophone in it so we placed the contact microphone to the window and I got these sounds.

Tesla Coil Sound Effects

Location of the Science Center In Singapore

The Science center will be moved to a new location in the next two years.

These are all the sounds that I have recorded with Cheng at the Science Center in Singapore and I hope you have a lot of fun with these sound effects. I think its great to think out of the box and without Cheng, I would have never thought about it recording sounds in a Science Center. Maybe you have one next to you? So get your family and your audio equipment and record.

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Category: Singapore Sounds, Electromagnetic Sounds
Type: Tesla Coil Sound Effects, Electicity
Specs: 22 files • 24 bit / 192 kHz • 1.4 GB 
Duration: 22 min
Equipment: Zoom F8n, DPA 4060, Priezor, AKG 411PP
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