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Tatami Mat Sound Effects Japan

We’re super excited to introduce our latest release, the “Tatami Mat Sound Effects” library. This collection captures the genuine, intimate soundscapes of traditional Japanese homes, with a special focus on the iconic tatami mat flooring.

For those unfamiliar, tatami mats have graced Japanese homes for centuries. They’re an integral part of Japanese culture and design, lending a unique texture and sound profile to any room they’re in. And capturing these sounds was an experience unto itself.

Here’s what you can expect from this one-of-a-kind collection:

  • Sliding and Pushing Mattress: Feel the texture of the tatami mat as we slide and push a mattress over it, emanating that distinct sound that can only come from a tatami.

  • Footsteps Galore: Discover the delicate yet discernible difference between footsteps with socks on and those with slippers, each interacting with the tatami in their unique way.

  • Dropping a Mattress: Experience the nuanced thud as a mattress gets dropped onto the tatami, absorbing the sound in its characteristic manner.

  • Body Drop and Roll: Dive into an immersive audio experience with a body dropping onto the tatami, followed by a roll and somersault, capturing of movement and impact on this traditional flooring.

All these sounds were recorded with utmost care inside an apartment in Japan, ensuring authenticity in every sound bit. Whether you’re working on a Japanese drama, a documentary, or simply love adding unique sounds to your projects, these tatami mat sound effects are sure to enhance your audio palette.

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