Tank Sound Effects – 1939 Infantry Tank Mark II “Matilda”

Recording Tank sound effects of the Infantry Tank Mark II or “Matilda” in Australia

A big thank you for these sound effects goes to Alan Mc Kinney. He is the founder of one of the biggest and most visited sound effects library worldwide called Zapsplat.

He gave me these wonderful tank sounds. We both know each other for over a year and Alan is a huge inspiration to me and I learned so much about field recordings and how to create a sound library.

If you know Zapsplat already and you have an account then you might came across many of my recordings that I frequently contribute to the Zapsplat community. Alan takes these sounds and edits them professionally for the library.

tank sound effects

A few weeks ago he mentions that he is going to Matt McMohans farm south of Australia to record tank sounds and if I want I can publish these sounds on Free To Use Sounds as well.

I wouldn’t say no to such a great offer and here we are and I super grateful I can offer these very special sound effects to the community.

Listen to this sound compilation

The “Matilda” that Alan recorded is a fully functional tank and he got all kinds of amazing sounds out of it.

Watch This Video About The Recorded Matilda At Matt McMahon Farms In Australia

More historical background about “Matilda” At Tank Encyclopedia 

From the 2987 “Matilda Mk II” tanks that were built, only 70 survived. 30 of them are in Australia. The tanks were used by United Kingdom, Australia, the Soviet Union and by the German after capturing them. “Maltida” tanks fought at the Second World War and 1948 the Arabian-Israeli War.

The specifications of these tanks are following

Weight: 25 tons
Length: 15 ft 11 in (4.9 m)
Width: 8 ft 6 in (2.6 m)
Height: 8 ft 3 in (2.5 m)
Crew Of Four: tank driver, gunner, loader, and commander
Engine:  2×diesel 6-cylinder 7 litre engines: 2×AEC or 2×Leyland 2×94–95 bhp
Operational Range: 160 miles (257 km)
Speed: 16 miles per hour (26 km/h) on the road & off road 9 miles per hour (14 km/h)

tank sound effects

I listened to all tracks and this is what you can expect!


1. Tank Approach & Close Pass By

Very close by of the tank with fantastic rattle and squeaking sound. You can hear the power of the engine. The sound file is about one minute long.

2. Tank Driving Across The Field With Continuous Track Rattle, Engine “Puffing”

Driving with the tank across the open field. You can listen to the engine and the rattle of the continuous tracks. There is a very interesting “puff” sound coming from the tank and another interesting “zishing” sound appears. Driving above different areas on the field and the driver accelerates and does several turns.  The recording was made from inside the tank next to the driver and the sound file is 05:21 minutes long

3. Tank Driving Across Field On Board Recording

Still recording from inside the tank but the sound is a little bit louder and the “puff” sound is more intense. The rattle of the continuous tracks is fantastic and you can listen to it from inside the tank. The old metal moving and squeaking around is so much fun listening to.  The sound file is 01:40 min.

4. Tank Driving Across The Field With Engine Start Outside Recording

Another long drive across the field with the tank. This time we listen to the engine start in the beginning and nice acceleration of the tank.  Great exhaust sounds and several “clicks” or hits on the metal. The recording was made on board what means Alan looked out of the tank and recorded from above.  The driver makes several turns, drives slower and speeds up again.  The sound file is 05:36 min long.

5. Driving With Tank In Reverse Across Field

Driving with the tank in reverse. The recording is made very close to the engine and we can listen to some fun bumping sounds.The sound file is 01:16 min long.

6. Driving Across The Field Incredible Continuous Tracks Rattle

Starting the engine and driving above a hard surface. The rattle of the continuous tracks is incredible in this recording. So much metallic sounds, rumbles, and rattles. The engine and the exhaust creates another super authentic feeling until the driver turns off the engine. The sound file is 03:05 min long.

7.Driving Across The Field Slow To Engine Stop

Another long drive above the field. The microphone is facing the front of the tank. Alan sits on board of the tank. The tank drives very slow until it stopped. The sound of the continuous tracks is just great.  Metallic squeaking and rattling. The driver speeds up the engine and gets slower again. The sound file is 02:41 min long.

8.Driving Across The Field Slow To Stop Front Recording

A shorter version of the sound above with Alan sitting on top of the tank facing the microphone to the front. Great continuous track rattling from slow to stop. The sound file is 01:21 min long.

9. Driving Across The Field In Slow Pace

Driving across the field in slow pace until stop. Lots of metal rattle of the continuous tracks and sounds of the engine. The sound file is 01:40 min long.

10. Driving Across The Field Very Slow Until Engine Stops

Driving across the field again at a very slow pace until the tank stops. The sound file is 01:01 min.

11. Driving Across The Field Until Stop! Inside Tank Recording

This recording is from inside the tank and you can listen to the sound of the engine. The driver speeds up and holds the pace. The sound of the engine is so different then from above. Also, the “puff” effect is back again. The sound file 01:23 min.

12. Driving Across The Field In Medium Speed

The Tank drives in a middle speed and you can listen to the sound of the continuous tracks rattling. Recorded outside of the tank and the sound file is 00:52 min long.

13. Engine Running Without Driving

Alan is sitting on the tank again and records the sound of the engine only. No driving, only engine running. The sound file is 01:31 min long.

14. Exhaust Sound Recording Behind The Tank

Alan is behind the tank and records the sound of the exhaust while the engine is running and the tank speeds up for a little bit. The sound file is 01:21 min long.

15. Recording Engine Sounds From Inside The Tank Without Driving

Now, Alan recorded the engine sound from inside the tank. You can listen to the engine sounds without driving. Great metallic rattle coming from the inside of the tank. The sound file is 01:10 min long.

16. Warm Up Engine Start and Exhaust Sounds

Turn on the engine of the tank, warm up with giving a little bit of acceleration without driving. The speed increased and Alan sits on board of the tank and records this sound, plus the sound of the exhaust. The sound file is 02:32 min long.

17. Warm Up Engine Start & Exhaust Sounds Inside Hangar

The different sounds between locations. The engine starts inside the hangar and the reverb is so different then outside. More echo, more metallic. You can listen to the engine and the exhaust without driving. The sound file is 01:30 min long

18. Deeper Engine Running Sounds From The Back Of The Tank

A deeper sound of the engine running. More bubbling sounding. Recorded from the back of the tank and close to the exhaust, no driving. The sound file is 01:10 min long.

19. Another Engine Running Sounds From Behind Of The Tank! Slow To Medium

Another exhaust running sound recorded from behind of the tank. Engine is running slow to medium. The sound file is 01:51 min long.

20. Tank In The Distance! Manœuvre

In this sound, you can listen to the tank in the distance. The tank drives away and makes some turns. The sound file is 0:32 min long.

21. Tank Drives Out Of Hangar! Slow Driving

In this soundtrack, the tank leaves the hangar and it sounds like little hiccups from the engine. Very nice bubbling sounds of the engine and driving away into the distance. The sound file is 01:15 min long.

22. Tank Pass By, Park & Slowly Approach

Lots of squeaking in this recording in the beginning. The tank comes very slow, drives away and comes back again until engine stops. The sound file is 01:39 min long.

23. Tank Pass By Until Coming Very Close

Very quick pass by with nice rattle and squeaking sounds. The sound file is 00:22 min long.

24. Tank Pass By Until Coming Very Close Again

Tank comes very slow and you can listen to the metallic squeaking from far away. Then the tank drives by, passed and left in the distance. The sound file is 00:40 min long.

25. Tank Pass By Until Coming Very Close Again And Reverse

The tank comes closer, drives by and goes in reverse. Nice rattle of the continuous tracks. The sound file is 00:49 min long.

25. Starting Engine Inside The Hangar, Reverse Gear & Shifting Gears

Starting the engine inside the hangar and let the engine running for a little bit. Reverse gear, shifting gears and nice engine rumble. The sound was recorded on board of the tank. No driving. The sound file is 02:14 min long.

26. Elevator Gun On Tank! No Engine Running

In this sound file, Alan is going to elevate the gun. You can listen to a nice crackling sound. The engine is not running. The sound file is 00:06 min long.

tank sound effects


Now if you work on a project that requires world war II sound effects or tank sounds these will fit your needs.  Alan recorded all sounds in high quality with high-quality equipment gear.

Sennheiser mkh 8040 stereo pair (2000 USD)
AT815st stereo shotgun (849 USD-Discontinued)
AT825 Cardioid Stereo Condenser Mic (399 USD) 
Sound Devices MixPre 6 (899 USD)
Sony PCM D100 (774 USD At B&H)
+ Several Rycote Blimps

Download Tank Sound Effects on Bandcamp

Specs:  24 files • 24 bit / 48 kHz • 870 MB • Review & Download Metadata

Delivery: Instant -fast – digital download on Bandcamp 

Equipment: Sound Devices, Sony PCM 100, Audio Technica AT815s, AT825, Sennheiser MKH 8040

License type: Single user, royalty-free 

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