Sound Effects Libraries

Looking for high quality royalty free sound effects libraries?

Below you’ll find all our royalty-free sound effects libraries that are easy and super fast to download via Bandcamp!


In the last 4.5 years (and counting) we went to over 31 countries making videos and recording high-quality sound effects & ambient soundscapes for filmmakers, video game developers, musicians or artists of any kind who know already how important high quality audio is. 


When we searched for sound libraries for ourself on Sonnis, Pro Sound Effects, Boom or on A Sound Effect we saw how expensive these sound libraries can be & found it very hard to understand how complicated some of these license agreements are structured! 


We actually want that you can work with our recorded sounds without limitations and not having to worry about what you can do and what not and created a license agreement that is simple to understand and made for you! After you purchase or download one of our libraries you can do what you love! And that means being creative!


Many of the blog post including the sound libraries but without you having to read all of it we created this library page with the sound pack gallery page! Each picture brings you to embedded sound library hosted with Bandcamp! Currently, we have 186 sound libraries on Bandcamp and we are adding new libraries every single week for you! We are currently in Denver, Colorado but flying next to Lisbon, Madrid, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Chiang Mai, Hong Kong, Seoul & Osaka what means we record more high-quality sounds for you & post the newest updates on Facebook!


I love using Bandcamp as our host because of its reliable 100% uptime, service and it offers super-fast downloads. I always upload in 192-24 wav or 96-24 wav but Bandcamp gives you another option to choose between mp3, FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless), AAC, Ogg Vorbis, AIFF and WAV what I think is super cool! 


Currently, you can purchase each one of our large individual sound libraries for only $3! After you purchased one of the library on Bandcamp this sound library is automatically added to your account and you have lifetime access with unlimited downloads! Means if you lose the files or your hard drive you can always come back and re-download! On other sound library platforms, you have to repurchase again!  


If you never heard about Bandcamp before and you have questions please reach out to me any time at [email protected] or Facebook! Only last month supporters have paid artist’s $7.9 million what makes Bandcamp one of the largest and trusted platforms in the word! Free To Use Sounds has the largest sound library catalog on Bandcamp already & we are thankful for each one of you who supports us while we support you with high quality affordable and free sound effects!


…and now have fun browsing thought this ever growing library! 🙂