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Sony PCM A10 Sound Test: Best Small Recorder of All Time?​

When searching for reviews about the SONY PCM A10, you’ll find a plethora of posts and opinions. While magazine reviews can sometimes lean towards bias, many professional field recordists have shared their diverse experiences after years of using this recorder. There’s a wealth of great information available, but what matters most to you? Instead of reading through and getting overwhelmed by varied opinions, just listen. That’s our approach. We don’t claim to be experts, nor do we attempt to appear as such. Our passion lies in making videos about sounds and the quality gear we’re using, which is the focal point of our YouTube channel dedicated to sound equipment.

We encourage you to simply listen and let your ears guide your decision. With the PCM A10, we’ve ventured out to record sounds ourselves in Thailand.

It’s an excellent recorder for beginners, yet it’s also valued by professionals, whether using its onboard microphones or connecting external microphones.

Prepare your headphones and experience the sound quality this small but remarkable recorder has to offer.


In sum, the choice to acquire this recorder is yours to make. If you’re seeking good audio quality and wish to possess a slice of audio history, this recorder wants your attention.

Its rarity is only set to increase, making now the opportune moment to invest before its price escalates further.

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