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Skatepark Sound Effects – Singapore

Recording skatepark sound effects in Singapore at night time!

After Libby and I moved from Farrer Road to our new location in Tanah Merah I was able to record more sounds around the east coast of Singapore. We already left Singapore ( going back in November) but so far it was my favorite area to live. Super local area, friendly people and the MRT was just a five-minute walk from our Condominium.

Skatepark Sound Effects

Together with Cheng and Andy, we walked around the coastal area recording hydrophone sound effects and several percussion sounds with the contact microphones. It was already night as we came across the skatepark.

It’s a pretty big skatepark and one of the first thing I noticed was that nobody played any music. I went to several skateparks in Los Angeles and had no success. I remember going to a skatepark in Munich but there was this one guy with his car next to it playing music and this made it impossible to record a nice soundscape of a skatepark. Now we had success but track two has some background noise from a mobile device. After I recognized that I changed the position. All tracks have some nice bird sounds included.

I recorded on 3 different areas around the skatepark.

Skatepark Sound Effects

In the recording, you can listen to grinding and sliding, the sound of the freewheel of one of the bicycle, jumping and the impact of the skateboard on the ground, people chatting in the background and the ocean in the background.

Location where I recorded these skatepark sound effects

One guy came several times very close to the microphone, jumped and passed by to the right site. Another guy changed the direction in front of the microphones and I could record a really nice sliding sound. If you are looking for a skatepark soundscape or for percussion purpose, feel free to hit the download button. As I mention we are going back to Singapore and I try to find another skatepark with more metal and less concrete.

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Category: Sounds Of Singapore, Crowds & Public Places, Parks
Type: Skatepark Sound Effects
Specs: 3 files • 24 bit / 192 kHz • 670 MB 
Duration: 09 min 
Equipment: Zoom F4, DPA 4060 
Delivery: Instant Bandcamp download 
License types: standard license, royalty-free & license-free license


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