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sound compilation: roller hockey sounds

roller hockey sounds

Amazing fans at roll hockey game from Reunion Island


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Experience the Thrill of Roller Skate Hockey Sound Library

New Hockey Sound Library: Roller Hockey in La Réunion, France

Have you ever been to a roller hockey game? If so, you know how intense it can get. During a drive in Saint Pierre, we stumbled upon a small arena filled with local fans. With less than 10 minutes left in the game, the energy was palpable and the fans were cheering and shouting with excitement.

The crowd was a mixture of locals and they were loud and proud, cheering every time the puck was passed or shots were made near the goal post. The excitement was reminiscent of a Stanley Cup game, with fans shouting in French.


Listen to the Roller Hockey Soundscape

You can hear the sounds of the rollerblades, the puck hitting the walls, shots on goal, stick fights between players, referee whistles, and even a goal scored just minutes before the end of the game. The crowd’s excitement reaches a crescendo after each goal, with fans cheering and shouting in jubilation.

With this new hockey sound library, you can experience the thrill of roller hockey in La Réunion, France. The library features French-speaking fans and all the sounds of the game, from the action on the rink to the post-game celebrations. So if you’re looking for game sounds with a European twist, this library is a must-have.


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Skate Roller Hockey Sound Effects Library



Roll Hockey Sounds

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Roller Hockey Sounds

Amazing fans at roll hockey game from Reunion Island



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