Shutter Sounds Polaroid One600 Classic Instant Camera

In this blog post I have some really awesome shutter sounds for you! I went to my friend’s house to work with him on a short film project and it includes to take several pictures with this Polaroid One600 Classic Instant Camera. After we done filming I went over in a quiet room to record only the audio of it!

shutter sounds

The Camera!

The Camera itself is a 2009 Polaroid One600 Classic Instant Camera (old Modell) and I just checked the price on Amazon and it still cost about 165 US Dollar. But then you need also the Instant Film. 8 Photos cost 20 US Dollar. So it is a pretty pricey hobby to have this Camera. You can easily spend 200 US Dollar on these gadgets!
The Batterie was built into the film and by pushing the shutter releaser the flashlight went on too.
After taking the picture you can hear the noise when the camera reloads the flash.

shutter sounds

The recording!

To make sure that I get different angles I recorded with all 3 microphones.
The Rode NTG4+, the Audio Technica (both are Mono Mics) and the Zoom H6 (Stereo).
You can listen to all of 3 and download which one you like the most.
Also, I give you one recording with all 3 sounds mixed together!
All these sounds are recorded in 96/24 and not manipulated. Just the original file and these files are all for free.

Scroll down for the sound files!

If you like some variations I created 35 different Version what you can download from my Bandcamp Account for 3 Dollar if you like. It is just another way of supporting me if you wish. These sounds are also under Public Domain CC0 and including the Orginal Versions as well.

About Sean Duran!

Sean Duran Studios

Sean Duran is a friend who owns the Polaroid Camera and the creator of the short film what will be out very soon! If the film is out I will place the movie in this section!
He also has its own Company called “Sean Duran Studios where he and his team create live action and animated videos to help explain your business or sell your product. He has a small team of passionate filmmakers and animators based out of a studio in Fullerton, California! So feel free to check it out! Sean Duran Studios!

“Get rid of the shitty sound. Life’s too short.” – Hans Zimmer

34 different Versions plus the original files on Bandcamp that I played around with in Adobe Audition! Have fun with it!

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