Shinkansen Sound Effects! Fastest Trains In The World

Recording Shinkansen Sound Effects in Japan!

Oh, that was fun! Libby and I drove from Osaka to Hiroshima and we always see these huge walls of concrete with the railway lines for the Shinkansen! I always want to record this sound, but often times these lines are right next to busy streets with a lot of distracting car sounds.

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After several days of trying to find a nice spot along the way, I saw this beautiful open field. It is the Tokaido Shinkansen and the Sanyo Shinkansen line coming from Tokyo to Fukuoka and the other way around.

I got the sound of two Shinkansen from both directions. I was hoping to record more but we had no luck with the weather. It started to rain and we went back to our camper van.  By the way traveling with a camper van in Japan is the best way to get around.

My daily outfit because it was sooo cold 🙂 “Sand Dunes Of Tatorri”

Sand Dunes Tatorri

The sound of the Shinkansen is amazing and if you stay there and these massive and powerful trains coming and going in an blink of an eye it gives you goosebumps.

Shinkansen Sound Effect

Its scary and exciting at the same time and overall really really cool. If you ever come to Japan, I hope you can find a Shinkansen line and then you know what I mean.

Field Recording Equipment

Zoom H6 369 USD
DPA 4060 1199 USD

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