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School Kids Sound Effects – Vietnam

Recording School Kids Sound Effects in Vietnam

While on my road trip across Vietnam from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, I’ve been staying at many hotels along the way. After stopping in Cao Bang for the night, I was woken up in the early morning by the sound of school children laughing and yelling. Without realizing it, I booked a hotel literally next door to an elementary school!

Sound Compilation “School Kids Sound Effects – Vietnam”


In other countries, this ruckus probably would have had neighbors complaining about the noise level. However, in Vietnam, it’s just a typical morning soundtrack. For the tourists, the screaming of dozens of kids isn’t the ideal alarm clock. As for me, it was a fitting soundscape to capture!

School Sounds Kids Sound Effects

With a spring in my step, I set up my recorders near the window which was only 5 meters away from the school and around 30 meters away from the playground. For this recording, I used a Zoom F8n with Usi Pro by Lom and the new 360-degree Zoom H3-VR (AmbiX format.)


What You’ll Hear in this Kids Sound Library

  • Kids at school laughing, screaming, shouting, and playing ball games
  • Outside of a schoolyard with approximately 100 children scattered around the grounds
  • Children chatting and walking to their classrooms
  • Manually hitting drums to let the school children know school is about to begin
  • School kids singing in the classroom
  • A teacher playing piano (or keyboard) with the kids
  • Fant street traffic in the background
  • A chirping bird


School Sounds Kids Sound Effects


I’ve included a metadata file with descriptions and keywords in each sound file. For better searchability and to review the information, I recommend using Soundly, Soundminer, Basehead, Soundgrinder or other programs of your choice.

Download School Kids Sound Effects On Bandcamp

Review Metadata!!

Complete Library
As a Complete Library user (just $10) you can download these sound effects and thousands more direct out of the cloud and use it without credit attribution. All sounds included in this post can be found inside “Vietnam Category Four”.

VR Ambisonic Sound Library
School Sound Effects were recorded in 360° audio and can be found in our new ambisonic sound library called the VR Sound Library inside the “Vietnam Category.


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