Royalty-Free Ocean Sounds! Sand Beach and Rocky Stones, 1000 Steps Beach, California


Welcome to the 1000 Steps Beach!

If you are in California and you record sounds then you have to record at a beach!
Recording at the 1000 Step Beach will be the first one that I recorded for you, but I promise not the last!
So what is the Thousand Steps Beach and where is it located?

Let me give you a little tour!

The Thousand Steps Beach is one of the largest beaches in South Laguna Beach and only 20 minutes drive from my place in Costa Mesa! Before you arrive the Beach make sure to come very early because parking is limited on the streets and if you want a spot, seriously you have to come early or you need to walk a mile or two if you don’t want a friendly ticket from the Orange County Police Department! The beach itself is not hard to find anymore because the Thousand Step Beach is getting more and more popular for runners who run up and down the steps the whole day long! So look out for the crowd or click on this LINK for the exact location!

Ok, but seriously these are not 1000 Steps! I remember a few years ago running 4000 Steps with a length of 1.5 km and a tilt up to 86% in Montafon, Austria! That was fun! If this run still exists just Google for “Treppenlauf Montafon”! The actual number of the steps is 223 ;)!

Back to the Beach!
If you down by the beach, you see 400 yards wide sandy beach with volleyball courts, restrooms, tide pools and caves on the left and on the right side. There is a large cave at the south end of Thousand Steps Beach but when the tide is too high you have no chance to walk through. That is the same on the right side! Unfortunately, this beach, known as Totuava, is only accessible when the tide is low. I had no chance at this time to walk through this tunnel with all my equipment!

You can find the exact locations where I recorded the sounds around 9 am!

Location One is HERE!
Location Two is HERE!
Location Three is HERE!

The field recording equipment I used to capture the sound.
Rode NTG4+
Sony 5100

… and now I invite you to download this relaxing ocean sound effects. You can use it for meditation, relaxing, ASMR white noise or if you are a creator of apps feel free. Maybe you are a YouTuber, filmmaker or video game developer and you need background ocean waves?  Here you have it and make sure to check out all the other ocean sounds that I recorded around the word so far.

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