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Recording original rotary phones

I always keep an eye out for unique and rare sounds to add to our sound library collection. During a walk in Limassol, Cyprus, I stumbled upon a vintage designer’s wedding store and noticed a display of rotary phones in the window. Intrigued, I approached the owner, Victoria, and asked if I could record the sound of the phones. She was surprised but agreed, and I set up a room in the back of the store so I could record the sounds of these vintage rotary phones.


Rotary Phone Sound Effects: German, Swedish & British Telephones

I recorded the sound of each phone lifting, hanging up, and rotating the dial using the Usi Pro and an AKG C 411 contact microphone. The contact microphone recording and the stereo mix of the recordings are both included in this phone sound effects library. The phones I recorded were manufactured by Siemens (Germany), Ericsson Dialog (Sweden), and GPO (Great Britain) and range from 1980-1990 and possibly even older.


Benefits of Downloading This Library

This library of rotary phone sound effects provides unique and authentic sounds for use in various projects. The separation of the contact microphone recording and the recordings from the USI Pro allows for versatility in post-production. Plus, the variety of phones from Germany, Sweden, and Great Britain adds a touch of international flair to your soundscape.

If you’re looking for authentic and original rotary phone sound effects, with this library, you’ll have all the tools you need to bring vintage charm to your audio projects.


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