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Thailand rainforest sound effects with footsteps and screams

I recorded these jungle sounds near the Kewin Chae Son National Park during the daytime. This location is famous for its Flight with the Gibbons zip-line park and also offers a great opportunity to record the unique soundscapes of a Thailand rainforest, including the sound of footsteps and zip-line screams.

My intention was to record some talkative gibbons, but unfortunately, when I arrived at the station at 7:45 am, they had already had their gossiping session completed. It’s too bad they weren’t as social as the Howler Monkeys from Costa Rica!

But, I was still able to capture the unique sounds of the rainforest, including the sound of footsteps on different terrain such as a wet dirt path, mud, stones, and an open field. I also captured the screams of the zip-liners as they flew through the canopy.

For these recordings, I switched between the Zoom F4 and the Zoom H6 recorder and only used my go-to microphones the DPA 4060. These high-quality rainforest sound effects are perfect for film, video, and music production.


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