Rain Sounds | Thunder Sounds | Rainforest Bali

Recordings rain sounds & thunder sounds within monsoon season in Bali!

If you visit Bali in December it is not hard to create such rain and thunder sound library! Bali has two main seasons, the dry season is between May to September and the rainy season is between October and April.

Listen to 105 minutes of rain sounds, thunder sounds from Bali & use it for sleep, meditation or relaxation!

Download all individual files on Bandcamp in high quality at the bottom of the blog post!

In the last 4 years of traveling, Libby and I went six times to Bali and to be honest, we prefer the rain season. It’s not that it rains for days. It’s more like rain showers that only last a few hours at day and night and that’s it. The weather is still nice and warm but why we love the rain season has something to do with the crowds. You have way fewer tourists what makes this little island much more enjoyable.

Where I Recorded The Rain Sounds / Thunder Sounds

While living in Ubud we always try to rent a small house outside of the small town. The rent for our nice one bed room apartment is about $300 USD a month and renting a motorbike cost around 50 USD a month. 

Living in Ubud can be very affordable but of course if you want more luxury it’s easy to find a place where the rent can be $1000 USD a day with own driver and 24 hours service.  

With our motorbike we only live ten minutes away from Ubud center and we are surrounded by nature, palm trees, cicadas, a small river, and a few chickens that running around in the area. 

It’s very pretty because we have no traffic or loud neighbors. I recorded the night & morning rain sounds from our balcony facing the jungle and you can listen to strong rain, soft rain, thunder rolling in the distance and close-up thunder. The thunder sounds are not aggressive like in Denver or Singapore for example! It’s more like a beautiful extra to the falling rain, mixed with the cicadas! Very unique and beautiful!

One day I drove to the north side of Bali and a strong rain shower surprised me ( oh wonder) and I looked for shelter under a small pergola. I recorded heavy rain with pass-by traffic. The night and morning sound including typical insect sounds like cicada & crickets. Frogs and as I mentioned before a few chicken sounds are present as well! 

This is a great new nature sound library with endless possibilities! The next big rain and thunder sound library will be from Denver, Colorado! Stay tuned!


Files: 26 files • Including metadata 

Size: 7.4 GB

Sample Rate: 192-24 WAV

Duration: Approx. 105 min

Gear: Zoom F8n, Zoom H6, Usi Pro Micro, DPA 4060

Delivery: Instant – blazingly-fast – digital download on Bandcamp

License type: Single user, royalty-free 

Price: FREE!



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