Racing Car Sound Effects -Formula One Race Night Singapore

Recording racing car sound effects at the Formula One weekend in Singapore.

The weeks in Singapore are flying by just like these super fast racing cars. We are in Singapore for almost two months now and our next destinations are already booked.

Sadly I can’t join Libby to Turks and Caicos to work on another video program. 🙁
Instead, I fly to Georgetown, Penang and stay one month there. We lived in Georgetown three years ago and absolutely loved it. It’s a wonderful place and a beautiful island.
Libby takes one of the recorders, microphones and one of the hydrophones to get some tropical ocean sounds.

Back to the event.

It is a 3 days event and I recorded on Friday the complete day and Sunday evening the F1 race.

Friday – Free Training

On Friday we went to the Marina Square Mall. If you go to the exit facing the ocean front you have an amazing view from the terrasse without paying any entry fee. Yes, these areas are free.

Here is the exact location on Google Maps

I recorded the free training of the Porsche Carrera Challenge and the first free training of the Formula One race cars. The big issue for me was the moderator of the race. He kept on talking and the loudspeakers faced my direction. In post, I managed to cut out all the talking parts and mixed the sounds together. It sounds great, but I knew I can’t record here again. Especially for the Sunday race.

Racing Car Sound Effects

I packed my equipment and went to the other site direction Esplanade. If you walk in the mall you can hear the cars racing underneath your feet. This is the bridge and after I exit the mall I saw the F1 cars still racing around. By the way on top of the bridge are two tennis courts.

Quickly I unpacked my equipment and recorded another five minutes the Formula One racing car sound effects from the balcony area until they stopped.

Here is the exact location on Google Maps

It’s a great location but too many people are curious about what I was doing here. I had two conversations what is nice to have but it takes me out of my focus mode. If I talk, I know I will definitely miss recording good audio.

I packed my equipment again walked across the bridge and found for myself exactly the perfect spot. A dream for a sound recorder. Only 3 meters away from the race track, No loudspeaker of the moderator, no crowd.  From here I recorded the free training of the Ferrari 488 Challenge and later on the second training of the Formula One racing cars when it was already dark.

Here the exact location on Google Maps

Later if you check the Bandcamp Album. All these sounds from Friday starting with “Friday Bonus Track…”!

Sunday- Racing Day

No compromises, or no “let’s try to find a better spot”! I knew there is no better place to record than this one I kept the recorder on and got rewarded with an incredible firework at the end of the race. Luckily I wasn’t moving around. The reverb between the skyscrapers and the city gave me goosebumps.

Racing Car Sound Effects

Click here if you want to download the firework sound effects separately from the album and remember the Formula One Grand Prix in Singapore is the only night race in the history of the Formula One and ends with a “Boom”.  Sound sounds different at night and in my opinion much better.

What equipment I use and how I recorded these car racing sound effects

Before we coming to the end of the race lets start with the beginning.

I came 30 minutes earlier to prepare my equipment. I know these cars are incredibly fast so I needed to have the microphones further away from each other.

Racing Car Sound Effects

Recording with one pair of DPA 4060 and a pair of the USI Pro. Both are omnidirectional microphones, small and super handy.  I attached the DPA on my rig, the rig on a boom and the boom on my tripod. This setup can be extended up to three meters in the air what gave me the opportunity to record above the green wall. I fixed the USIs to the barrier on the left and to right and kept space up to three meters away from each other.

Look at the difference if it comes to sensitivity between the DPA 4060 and the Usi Pro.

With the DPA I recorded between 17 and 25 dB and at the same time I had the USI Pro between 0-5 dB to avoid peaking.
I used my newest field recorder the Zoom F8n.

Racing Car Sound Effects

Another reason why I chose to record at this spot. I realized that the cars, after shooting out with top speed from the small tunnel, the following wind pressure released on the protection wall. This created a really nice after effect.

I am not sure if you can hear it in the audio, but if you stay right there, it’s an incredible feeling.

From the start until the end I recorded the full race. Almost two hours and over 17 GBs. I recorded in 192 kHz but nobody wants to download such a huge amount of GBs in one album. I mixed the files together and exported in 96-24.

The sound files from Friday are still in 192-24 kHz what brings the album to a complete size of fantastic 6.5 GB what is a nice size in high quality.

Racing Car Sound Effects

Here is a fun screenshot of the race in the editing process. In the beginning, you have all teams together, then somewhere on the road a crash happened and the cars needed to drive slower. You can rewatch the race on YouTube if you like. The racing time of each round is getting quicker and quicker and the cars are spreading apart. Each time an F1 “flies” by it creates a new unique sound effect and I have hundreds of them recorded.

I can’t be happier to get the opportunity to be in Singapore exactly when this race happens. Especially a night race and after Lewis Hamilton finished the race the firework happened. No music, almost no people, just pure firework. Download the firework sound effects from here or within the album it is track number 12.

Download racing car sound effects from my Bandcamp Account.

Click on “Download”, type in “0” or any contribution you want. Only 1 USD makes already a huge difference. I pay 75 USD for 5000 free downloads On Bandcamp.

Choose “WAV” and not mp3 for the high-quality files.
If you can’t see the media player down below, make sure to turn off your adblocker or use a different browser.

Category: Sounds Of Singapore, Cars, City Streets
Type: Racing Car Sound Effects
Specs: 19 files • 24 bit / 192 kHz • 96 kHz • 6.5 GB 
Duration: 2h:45 min 
Equipment: Zoom F8n, Usi Pro, DPA 4060
Delivery: Instant Bandcamp download or Complete Library Download 
License types: standard license, royalty-free & license-free license
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