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The Ultimate Race car sound effects library

Join me on a thrilling journey as I record the electrifying sounds of the Formula One weekend in Singapore! This 3-day event was packed with high-speed action, from the roar of engines to the cheering of the crowds.


Day One: Porsche Carrera Challenge Free Training

On Friday evening, I headed to Marina Square to record the free training of the Porsche Carrera Challenge. The challenge was to capture the sounds of these incredible machines while avoiding the interruptions of the moderator’s voice. But with my trusty Zoom H6 recorder in hand, I managed to record some amazing car sounds and edit out any unwanted background noise.


Day Two: Finding the Dream Spot

I moved locations to a balcony area to get closer to the track and away from the speakers. However, it wasn’t long before I was spotted by curious onlookers. So, I continued my search for the perfect recording spot, and I found it! Just meters away from the track, with no loudspeakers or crowd noise, I recorded the free training of the Ferrari 488 Challenge and later on the second training of the Formula One racing cars as the night sky lit up with the sounds of high-speed action.


The Big Race Day!

My preparation paid off as I found the ultimate recording spot on the big race day! This location was perfect as it allowed me to record the cars shooting out at top speed from the nearby tunnel. And after the race, I kept my recorder on to record an awe-inspiring fireworks show that filled the night sky with vibrant colors and booming sounds.


The Equipment That Made it All Possible

To record the incredible speed of these cars, I needed to have my microphones set up in just the right way. With a pair of DPA 4060 omnidirectional microphones, I attached them to my rig, then to a boom, and finally to my tripod, which gave me the ability to record from up to three meters in the air.

I also set up USI Pros a few meters apart from each other, and I used my trusty Zoom F8n recorder to capture every detail.


An Unforgettable Experience

Being in Singapore for the F1 race was an experience I’ll never forget! Watching Lewis Hamilton cross the finish line and the fireworks show in a city filled with skyscrapers was truly breathtaking. The sounds of the engines, the cheers of the crowds, and the explosions of the fireworks created a symphony of excitement that I’m proud to have record for all to enjoy.

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