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Percussion Sound Effects – Rocks, Lever & Metal

Recording percussion sound effects with rocks, stones, lever & hitting metal on the surface of a wrecked bulldozer!


This free sample sound library is a compilation of sounds that I have recorded in Ninh Binh, Vietnam. If you’ve watched the 2017 film Kong: Skull Island then witness the beauty of the area. A significant portion of the movie was filmed in the area!


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The Bulldozer Sound Effects

Instead of hanging out with a group of tourists, I went for a solo visit to the Thung Nham Bird Park in hopes of capturing wild bird sounds (go figure!) To my surprise, I didn’t see any birds! Queue a Trombone wah wah. Luckily, I came across an unexpectedly fantastic rusty bulldozer.


percussion sound effects


Sometimes the best sounds are the unexpected ones!


If I had to estimate, I would say 99% of the people visiting the park probably didn’t notice or care about this forgotten piece of metal.


At first glance, I knew immediately that this Bulldozer had several sound recording options! When I approached the machine, I did what any normal adult does… I grabbed a nearby metal plate and hit the bulldozer to see what sound it would make.


percussion sound effects
Recording Lever & Gear Box Sound Effects


That’s when I turned out my recorder and began capturing percussion sounds on various parts of the bulldozer. In retrospect, I understand why the tourist passing by started flashing me puzzling looks.


After my blue-man group-esque performance was over, I moved inside the cabin to check the level, controls, and gearbox. I used the AKG C411 contact microphone and one DPA 4060 plugged into my Zoom F8n to capture the rusty and crunchy sounds.


It turns out I’m not the only one of enjoys rusty bulldozers…


After I posted several pictures on my social media, a sound designer from one of the largest animation studios in the world, reached out to me asking if he could use the sounds in their upcoming project!? Of course!


How cool is that?


Not only I could provide a unique recording from Vietnam to a sound designer in Los Angeles, but I also gave this rusty bulldozer a new purpose and voice! Who knows, maybe this sound will find its way to the big screen where millions of people can hear!


percussion sound effects
Hitting The Hood With A Metal Plate


Throwing Stones – The Gravel Stone Sound Effects

For the remainder of my time at the park, I ventured to one of many caves. My journey took me to a cave that wasn’t featured on the map. Funny enough, it was only 200 meters away from the ticket booth.


percussion sound effects
Stairway To The Cave


Luck was on my side.


Not only was no one there but was quiet! If you’ve ever visited Vietnam, then you know silence is near to impossible to find. From the traffic to karaoke bars, Vietnam isn’t the most tranquil location.


However, this cave was peaceful and could be a great meditation spot. I spent over an hour in the cave relaxing. So far, it has been one of my favorite moments of my Vietnam trip!


While finding my inner peace, I remembered that a musician living in Switzerland was in need of falling stones and rock sounds.


percussion sound effects
Recording Falling & Hitting Rocks Sound Effects


Well, at that moment I happened to an unforeseen soundproof foley room with many rocks and stones! With the structure of the cave, I was able to capture natural reverb and I think it turned out great!


Who would have thought, in hopes of recording bird sounds turned into a bulldozer percussion event and throwing rocks in a cave! Life tends to find a way of giving you things you can’t plan for and that’s what I love!

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