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Park Ambience Sound Library Japan 2018

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Park Ambience Sound Library Japan 2018

While traveling around Japan in our camper van we made it a priority to visit the famous Nara Park where many deer roam around. We weren’t surprised that it was packed with tourists when we arrived. Understandably so, they wanted to feed the friendly deer and see the first blooming cherry blossoms!

These deer are so cute and are always looking for someone to hand them crackers to eat. If you don’t have any food then you’ll probably get the cold shoulder!

Besides the incredible park with hungry deer, the area is home to the Todai-Ji Temple. While recording we couldn’t avoid all the people sightseeing the ancient grounds.


The sounds you can hear…

Near the temple, I captured sounds of people walking up and down the stone stairs, a woman slapping her kid and he started to cry (beginning of the recording.) You can listen to me walking through the area of the crowd to record pedestrians near the gate and general soundscapes of moving tourists.


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