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Recording Outdoor Restaurant Sound Effects in Bali

Bali is a vibrant and bustling island that is full of life, and as travelers and sound recordists, we were thrilled to record the sounds of this amazing place.


The Challenges of Recording Bar Ambience

Recording bar ambience can be challenging, as the presence of music can often interfere with the quality of the recording. Fortunately, I was able to find a small dark alley in Ubud, surrounded by high walls that blocked out unwanted noise. From this location, I was able to position my microphone across from one of the busiest restaurants in the area, creating a high-quality recording of the bar soundscape and walla without any interference from music.


The Perfect Place for Restaurant Ambience

Jalan Gootama is a small pedestrian street in the heart of Ubud, and is home to many restaurants and bars. It was the perfect place to record restaurant ambience, with its lively atmosphere and outdoor seating.

In this Outdoor Restaurant Sound Effects Library, you’ll hear a mix of chatter, laughter, and people talking in different languages, as well as the sounds of plates being moved around and cutlery in the background. There is also the added dimension of the small cricket that was chirping next to her, which gives the recording a unique evening vibe.

In addition to the sounds of the restaurant and bar, the recording also captures the sounds of passing motorbikes and pedestrians, adding another layer of sound effects to the overall ambience.

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