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Outdoor Cafe & Restaurant Sound Effects Ubud, Bali

Recording Outdoor Cafe & Restaurant Sound Effects at night in Ubud, Bali!

Living the last two weeks in Ubud makes me not wanna come back in July & August and if you ask why just wait for my Ubud rush hour album that I am working on. Its crazy town right now. Thousands of tourists ( like us I suppose) roaming the streets, motorbikes, cars, trucks & buses sharing these little roads and it is a permanent traffic jam and on the other hand the weather. Oh, and three earthquakes in the last week.

It is cold & rainy and I can only imagine if someone is on a two weeks holiday and want to visit sunny Bali, forget about it. Maybe on the beach side, it’s a little bit warmer but in Ubud, you need two long sleeves and a jacket right now. I also wear two pants currently.

Cafe & Restaurant Sound Effects

We have one more week before we heading back to Singapore so let’s make the best out of it and record some sounds. You can expect many night recordings from beaches and rice fields at night & a lot of rain sounds. 🙂

If you have already access to my Complete Library these sounds are already in the Indonesia Category Two but it takes me a little bit longer to publish them on the website because I am going to record a few more to create a nice new album.

How I recorded these  Cafe & Restaurant Sound Effects

That was a little tricky. I went to one of the busiest walking streets. The Jalan Gautama road. Many years ago you could drive with your car here and everybody could park motorbikes wherever they want but these times are over what is fantastic.

Now you can only pass through with the motorbike or if you are a delivery service.  A lot of restaurants are situated on the street & the challenging part for me was the music.
In Bali, most restaurants are open air and have no windows. If they play music you have that on the streets and in the recordings.

Cafe & Restaurant Sound Effects

I walked up and down the road and found the perfect spot. A little alley with high walls blocked the sounds from left and right I walked about 10 meters into the alley and luckily one of the busy restaurants with outside seatings faced the alley and the sound came straight to me.
That was my spot and was able to capture these nice atmospheric sounds.

What can you hear?

You will listen to a little cricket somewhere around me what creates this nice evening vibe.
Several motorbikes passing by, pedestrian walking by.
From the restaurant or cafe itself, you listen to a lot of walla, laughing and people chatting sounds in several different languages. This creates a really cool mix of sounds.
The waiters and guests moving the plates around and you can hear the sound of the cutlery being placed too.

Of course, it started to rain so I had to stop the recording but was already pretty happy with the sounds that I had.

Location of the recordings

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Category: Sounds Of Indonesia, Cafes & Restaurants, Crowds & Public Places, 
Type: Restaurant Soundscape
Specs: 1 file • 24 bit / 192 kHz • 330 MB
Duration: 4:41 min 
Equipment: Zoom F4, DPA 4060
Delivery: Instant Bandcamp download or Complete Library Download 
License types: standard license, royalty-free & license-free license

If this might not the one you are looking for make sure to check out my category “Cafes & Restaurants” with restaurant sounds from Japan, France, Germany or the United States!


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