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Recording the Sounds of Nature in Wellington New Zealand

Greetings from the land of Kiwis! We’re excited to share our latest sound library, featuring the powerful gusts of wind captured in Wellington, New Zealand.

Known as the world’s windiest city, Wellington’s unique location between the North and South Islands and the Cook Strait makes it a natural funnel for strong winds. The city’s topography, with hills surrounding the harbor, further amplifies these winds.

While visiting this fascinating city, we recorded the fierce gusts from the yard of our Airbnb using the dependable Sony PCM D100. In this library, you’ll find recordings of wind both with and without shielding the recorder. We intentionally placed the recorder in the wind to capture the low rumble, which is perfect for sound designers seeking these specific effects.

However, we also recorded wind while protecting the recorder, as we discovered that a wind jammer alone wouldn’t suffice in such extreme conditions.

Our Wellington Wind Sound Library offers a unique and immersive experience of New Zealand’s windy capital. It’s an invaluable resource for those seeking authentic and powerful wind sound effects for their projects or simply wanting to experience the intense gusts that define this incredible city.


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