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Phong Nha Vietnam

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Nature Sound Effects Library Phong Nha Vietnam

Recording nature sounds can be a challenging but rewarding endeavor, and my experience in Phong Nha, Vietnam was no exception. In January 2019, I rented a motorbike and set out on a journey from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi with the goal of capturing as much diversity in nature and traffic sounds as possible.

As I made my way through the country, I encountered a wide range of sounds, from the buzzing city life and intense traffic of Ho Chi Minh City, to the tug boats of the Mekong Delta and the crowded markets of Hanoi. But it was not until I reached Phong Nha that I truly felt like I had arrived on another planet.

Phong Nha is a truly beautiful place, and I highly recommend it to anyone planning a trip to Vietnam. Not only is it home to the largest caves in the world, it also served as a location for the film Kong: Skull Island. However, I would advise visiting before tourism in the area becomes too overwhelming.

When I arrived in Phong Nha, I was faced with a number of challenges in my efforts to record nature sounds. The weather was not ideal, and I was underprepared for the elements that came with spending hours in the jungle. Despite these difficulties, I was able to capture some beautiful sounds within the Botanical Garden and in a hidden area near the paradise cave, close to a quiet river. I was fortunate to get some lovely bird, frog, and waterfalls sounds without too much noise pollution.

The sounds that I recorded in Phong Nha include birdcall sound effects, cicadas sounds, mosquitos, frog sound effects, peacock call, footsteps on a wet small path, waterfalls, motorbike pass by on wet roads, airplane flyover, morning soundscape at 5 am in the city recorded from the hotel window, controlled bushfire sounds on my way to Phong Nha, and even bonus tracks of bushfire and wind sounds.

Although the weather was not in my favor, I was still able to capture a range of unique and beautiful nature sounds during my time in Phong Nha. I hope to return to the area someday and capture even more sounds from the depths of the jungle. Overall, my experience in Phong Nha was a challenging but incredibly rewarding one, and I am excited to share the sounds of this beautiful area with others through my nature sound library.


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