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Recording Museum Sound Library in Japan

Discover the sounds of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum in our classic royalty-free sound library from 2019! 

During our visit in 2019, the main museum was undergoing construction but that didn’t stop me from recording the unique ambience and walla of an international crowd as they moved through the small rooms in binaural.

To archive these moments, I utilized the Soundman OKM Rockstudio and Zoom H6 to record in 96/24 wav. The result is a rich soundscape that includes:

  • The walla of visitors speaking in both English and Japanese
  • Fabric noise and movements from visitors
  • Natural echo and reverb from the rooms
  • The rustle of plastic bags from the museum’s umbrella rain protection
  • Footsteps and walking from visitors
  • Sneezing, coughing, and sniffing sounds from visitors ( sounds you won’t hear anymore in that form when many people are present)
  • The sound of an escalator as visitors move up to the different floors
  • Cashier sounds and coins dropping
  • Traffic passing by in front of the museum before the rain
  • Bicycle sounds
  • Pedestrian sounds as people walk by


For those looking for a comprehensive binaural museum sound effects library, we hope this library is the perfect tool to enhance your next audio projects.


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