Monk Chant Sounds Vietnam

Recording Monk Chant Sounds In Vietnam

I had the chance and the honor to record these incredible monk chanting sounds in one of the Pagodas in Hoi An. I went a little bit to early and helped one lady to place the carpets on the floor for the chanting session. I was kind and like always, very friendly and this attitude can open doors

Monk Chant Sounds

30 minutes later, the pagoda was already filled with a least hundred people and I felt like everybody knew me already.

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I walked everywhere around to find a good recording position and the Lama ( I hope that is correct) came up to me and I presented him my recorder and told him that I would love to record the ceremony.

Monk Chant Sounds

He approved it and started smiling. He showed me another room where I could sit record. After the ceremony one of his assistants gave me later a bracelet as present.

That was really nice. But before that imagine praying monks, nuns, visitors and me in the middle with the recorder.

The ceremony started around 6:30 pm and went for about one hour. Listen to the “gong” and the very impressive “BOOM” sound in the background right in the beginning. (Media Player Is On The Bottom)

Monk Chant Sounds

“The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become.”


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