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Military Sound Libraries Matilda the World War 2 Tank

These are sound effects recorded of the Infantry Tank Mark II, also known as the “Matilda,” in Australia, and we owe a big thank you to Alan McKinney, the founder of Zapsplat, one of the most popular sound effect libraries in the world. Alan generously recorded these sounds, despite Matt McMohan’s farm being in southern Australia and provided them to us.

The Matilda tanks were used by the United Kingdom, Australia, the Soviet Union, and Germany.

Out of the 2987 Matilda Mk II tanks that were built, only 70 survived, and 30 of them are in Australia. The tanks were used in both WWII and the 1948 Arabian-Israeli War.

The sound effects include recordings of the tank approaching and passing by, driving across fields with continuous track rattles and engine pulling, and driving in reverse. The sound files also include recordings of the engine running without driving, exhaust sounds recorded behind the tank, and the elevator gun on the tank.

Additionally, there are sounds of the tank driving at slow, medium, and high speeds, sounds of the engine starting, and sounds of the engine running while warming up. Recordings were made from inside and outside the tank, and in different locations, including a hangar.


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