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Malaysia Night Market Sound Effects ! Farlim Night Market, Penang

Recording Malaysia Night Market Sound Effects At Farlim Night Market In Penang

This is officially our first sound recording from Malaysia and country number 18.

Libby and I decided to go back to Penang, but I am most of the time alone here.  We lived 2016 3 weeks here and had a great time and better weather.
She is now already in Turks and Caicos shooting another video program with our friends “Boho Beautiful” and will be back by the end of October.

Toronto Sound Effects

Side Note: On her way to TC she spent two days in Toronto and did several recordings in the city.
I will upload these sounds to the Complete Library. Canada is then Country Nr. 19 and with Turks and Caicos ( British Overseas Territory) we can round it up to 20 countries.

About the Malaysia Night Market Sound Effects

It was Wednesday evening when I decided to record night markets sounds. Penang has several night markets but each one is on a different location.

The Wednesday night market called “Farlim Night Market” and is located at Medan Angsana Road. I rented a motorbike ( 100 USD a month), bought a sim card (12 USD 5GB) and visited the market.

If you ever come to Penang and don’t want to drive on your own, I highly recommend downloading the App “Grab Taxi”! It’s just like Uber but for SEA and super convenient.
By using the App you avoid Taxi scams. You can review the price before you book the driver and you can choose between cash payment or credit card.

Malaysia Night Market Sound Effects

If you have an IDL and you know how to drive around SEA on a motorbike or scooter just contact me if you want t to rent a motorbike in Penang and I can give you the contact from the place I rented from. I know other rental places charge up to 180 USD a month.

It took me about 15 minutes from Georgetown to the Farlim Night Market. Before I arrived I could already smell the food from far away.

Malaysia Night Market Sound Effects

Penang is one of the best food destinations in the world with hundreds of restaurants.

Before I start getting my gear ready, I wanted to get a feeling of the area and the overall vibe. I do this for safety reason.

What I am doing is that I walk around and look at the people try to find good recording areas that are not hidden and also have conversations or eye contact with the shop owners. A quick chat or a smile is enough and I don’t feel alone anymore. These people give me a protected feeling.

Malaysia Night Market Sound Effects

After walking around for about 25 minutes I could already tell that its a super nice and local market and I had no fear to get my equipment out.

I had a realization while I was recording the market. Each stall had a power generator and I could hear them all over the place.
This is something I never experienced at markets in Thailand or Vietnam for example.
They all use street lights or the city electricity. This is an interesting fact and makes it super unique. I am don’t know if this is the case on night markets in KL but here in Penang at this market they using generators.

Malaysia Night Market Sound Effects

In this album, you will listen to a vendor making sugar cane juice with a very old machine that is connected to a power generator as well. Lots of people walking by having a chat in mostly Chinese language. I stopped next to two food stalls and got an amazing sizzling sound.
They not just using a tiny pan, they using super huge woks and you can listen how the chefs turning on the gas to fire up the woks over and over again plus turning the food around.

Location where I recorded the night market sound effects

I had lots of fun recording around the market and got the best areas covered. Other areas where people sell clothes wasn’t interesting from a sound recording perspective. Too much radio music.
It wasn’t the last market. I will visit more markets sounds the go to the ocean side recording underwater sounds and ocean sounds. Planning to hop on the ferry from Penang to Butterworth and many other sounds I can find.

Download Malaysia Night Market Sound Effects From Bandcamp

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