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Lisbon Sound Effects Library

Welcome to the Western Iberian Peninsula and the beautiful city of Lisbon! As sound enthusiasts, we’re always on the lookout for unique and captivating sounds to add to our library. This time, we bring you the best of Lisbon’s sounds in one comprehensive library.


Hit the Streets with Our Lisbon Traffic Sound Effects

We started by exploring the streets of Lisbon and capturing the bustling traffic sounds. From the honking of horns to the revving of engines, our street traffic sound effects will transport you right into the heart of the city. And as an added bonus, we even recorded an ambulance passing by with its siren blaring, giving you a complete representation of the sounds of the city.


Capture the Eerie Squeaks and Creaks at the Ferry Terminal

For those in the market for spooky horror sound effects, look no further! The natural squeaking sounds of the pier at the ferry terminal in Lisbon are the perfect addition to your next horror project. The waves make the floating pier go up and down, creating a haunting continuous squeak that will send shivers down your spine.


Experience the Thrills of the Historic Rossio Railway Station

Next, we headed over to the historic Rossio Railway Station and captured the ticking sounds and the arrival and departure of trains. The sound of the trains is a staple of any city, and our recording captures the essence of the bustling station in Lisbon.


Take a Ride on the Ascensor Da Glória Funicular

We also took a ride on the Ascensor Da Glória funicular, recording the ambience of a packed cable car. The sound of the cable car and the passengers’ chatter make for a unique and lively addition to your sound library.


Explore the Electromagnetic Fields in the Bairro Alto Neighborhood

Finally, we headed to the graffiti-filled streets of the Bairro Alto neighborhood in search of electromagnetic fields. Armed with our Prezor antenna, we recorded the unique sounds of this vibrant neighborhood.

We hope you enjoy our Lisbon sound library and find it useful for your personal or commercial projects. Whether you’re a sound designer, filmmaker, or video game developer, our sounds will add a touch of authenticity to your work.


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