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Korean Underground Parking Sounds

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Korean Underground Parking Garages

Have you ever noticed how many scenes in Korean dramas take place in underground parking garages? This intriguing element led me to explore the depths of these urban labyrinths to create the ‘Korean Underground Parking Sounds’ library, capturing the unique sounds resonating within their concrete walls.

Armed with my trusted companions – a Sound Devices Mix Pre 6ii, a Zoom F6, a Rode NTSF1 ambisonic microphone, and a Schoeps DMS system – I embarked on an auditory adventure. For those of you on Gumroad, I have preserved the original format (DMS, VR coming soon) of all the sounds, while for my Bandcamp friends, I have prepared everything in stereo format.



In Busan, I found myself recording at the entrance of an underground parking garage. The soundtrack of city life unfolded before me, as cars whizzed past, entering and departing the garage. Amidst the hustle and bustle, the gentle sounds of nearby flowing water and light Korean conversations added a great layer to the night ambience.


Jeju Island

My next destination was a luxurious 5-star hotel on Jeju Island, where I found myself in the vast underground parking lot. The muted voices and echoing footsteps of people reverberating off the walls created a captivating atmosphere unique to this space.

Among the multitude of sounds captured, one that truly stood out was the sound of our Lexus. I recorded its doors opening and closing, the resonant roar of the engine, and the subtle squeak of the tires against the smooth concrete floor.



The extreme quiet underground parking garage in Gwangju proved to be the most intriguing location I encountered. Amidst the eerie silence, occasional beeps of car alarms and the low rumble of vehicle engines created a suspenseful atmosphere. One of the most melodious encounters was the slow, deliberate reverse of an electric BMW into a parking spot. The soft purr of the engine harmonized with the gentle squeaking of the tires, creating a captivating symphony in itself.

Finally, at the exit of the same underground parking garage, I recorded the distant hum of traffic, intermittent honking, the tranquil trickling of water from a nearby pipe, and the warning beeping signals of the garage’s entrance and exit, blending together to form a unique audio experience.

Our ‘Korean Underground Parking Sounds’ library aims to transport you into the depths of these underground parking garages, allowing you to immerse yourself in the often overlooked world of urban Korean soundscapes.

These recordings are now available in VR and DMS as well!

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