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Kobe City Ambience Sound Library

Recording the Nunobiki Waterfall

Our first stop in Kobe was the Nunobiki Waterfall, where we recorded the sounds of the waterfall up close and from a 20m distance. We also recorded the forest ambience near the waterfall, which included the sounds of chirping birds, cawing crows, an airplane flying by, and crickets in the bushes.


Exploring the Kobe City

As we walked across the city, we came across a fountain next to a busy road and recorded its changing water pressure. At the harbor, we recorded the squeak of a fender as a ship rubbed against it, the calm sea, and the sounds of traffic, crows, and other birds in the distance. I ran down to the water’s edge, facing the red bridge with my microphones, and recorded the stronger wind, splashing waves against the shore, and a tourist boat passing by.


Sounds of the Morning and the Night

Later that day and night, we recorded the sounds of emergency cars with loud sirens, people passing by, and traffic, as well as the sounds of a busy road in the evening. In the early morning, I recorded the sounds of people getting ready for work, walking by, traffic in the distance, cawing crows, a garbage truck passing by, and a train in the distance.


Visiting the Ikuta Shrine and Abandoned Warehouse

I visited the famous Ikuta Shrine, which was quiet as there were no tourists around, and recorded its overall ambience. I also recorded the sound of a small river at a park and a monk cleaning the streets with a broom. I continued my journey to an abandoned warehouse by the seaside at Kobe Harbor and recorded the eerie ambience of the peaceful sea combined with the distant sound of a ship engine and ferry port announcements.


Recording the Footsteps at Kobe Market

On my way back to the hotel, I stopped at the Kobe Market and recorded the sounds of footsteps as crowds of people crossed the street after the traffic light turned red. The sound of footsteps inside the market hall was pretty amazing to witness.


More Sounds in the Library

Lastly, you will also find more recordings of traffic sounds, the ambience at the Shin Kobe Shinkansen train station, and the sound recorded next to a bus stop. More sounds from Japan are inside our All In One Bundle! You may also like Dark Shinkansen Sound Library.


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Hi there we’re Marcel and Libby and every sound on this site has been recorded by us. For nearly 7 years, we’ve been traveling around the world recording unique sounds for others to use! 

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