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Jet Fly Bys Sound Effects

I am excited to say that I returned to Aspen and stayed here and in Telluride for eight days. Two years ago, I had the privilege of recording the landing and take-off at Aspen Airport. This time, I was excited to return with brand-new gear and a fresh perspective.

One of the things that caught my eye was the new runway, which had been in operation for just over a year. With the updated facilities and a new microphone setup, I couldn’t wait to see how the sound had changed. Back then, I was equipped with DPA 4060, Wildtronics SAAM, and Zoom F8n.

This time, I used the Sennheiser MKH 8040 and the Zoom F6. The library from two years ago is also available on Bandcamp, so you can compare the audio quality if you want.
It was busy as usual with private and commercial jets flying in and out.

The airport nestled between the mountains, and the soundscape was truly special whenever the aircraft takes off and dissapears behind the mountains. If you are looking for sounds to add to your post-production, sound design, or music production projects, this private jet sound effects library will surely inspire you.

Regarding the new runway and the old one, Pitkin County recycled asphalt from the airport’s taxiway, tarmac, and runway to cover a gravel lot at the intersection of Brush Creek Road and Highway 82, saving the county hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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