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Recording Japanese Hotel Room Sound Effects

As we settled into our hotel room in Kobe, Japan, I couldn’t help but take notice of all the unique and interesting sounds that surrounded us in this small room.

From the rustle of the hotel window curtains moving up and down, to the automatic sliding glass door in the corridor, every sound was a new opportunity to record the essence of a Japanese hotel room.

One of the things I loved about the bathroom was not just the toilet, but also the complete wet room, which had the capability to turn into a steam room. I quickly set up my recording equipment and recorded the sound of the shower running, all toilet sounds I could possibly find and the faucet t as I washed my hands. I also recorded the room tone from inside the wet room, as well, as the sound of walking barefoot on the plastic flooring.

The mechanical and plastic bathroom lock provided a unique sound, as well, as I opened and closed it. The light switch clicking, the elevator door, and the main door sound effects all added a unique touch to the overall ambiance of the hotel room.

It was a fantastic experience to spend one night recording all of these hotel room sounds without the added noise of music or other background ambiance. I hope you find these sounds as enjoyable to listen to as I did recording them and that you will find them useful in your future projects.


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