Japan Crowds Sound Effects Tōshōdai-ji Temple

Recording Japan Crowds Sound Effects at Tōshōdai-ji Temple!

Japan Sound Library Update: I have now 100 pre-edited and unpublished sounds in the library if you don’t want to wait for the release!

While traveling around Japan in our camper van we came across the beautiful Nara Park and took half of the day to explore the park and the temple area. Clearly, we aren’t alone. Hundreds of tourists roaming around the park talking about cherry blossom and feeding the deer. These deer are so cute and all what they want is food.

Deer At Nara Park

If you have no food, they show you a cold shoulder and walk right to the next person.
If you want you can buy crackers. Funny story. Many of the deer are just hanging out around the stalls where you can buy these crackers.
Some of the deer bow in front of you if you have a cracker for them. So Japanese. 🙂

Best things to do in Japan Nara Park

I realized later that most of them have no antlers anymore and after a quick research I found out that each year Nara holds a ceremony called “Nara Deer Antler-Cutting Ceremony” or “Shika no Tsunokiri” and this ceremony exists since 1671 where they captured the deer in rodeo style and cutting off the antlers with a saw.

I am personally not a fan of such torture and bringing animals into this kind of stressful situations. I found an article on Japan travels where they describe this ritual with saying its the same like clipping fingernails. Really? I highly doubt that. I think none of us wasn’t in an arena yet, hunted down with a rodeo lasso. pressed down to the ground and then somebody clipped my nails.  I am not going back to this park.

People Walla Sound Effects Japan

We always had company on our way to the temple and that’s where I started recording street sounds with people walking by.
The first recording was directly under the Nandaimon Gate of Tōdaiji.

People walking up and down the stone stairs and a woman slapped her kid and it started to cry ( beginning of the recording). I don’t know what she/he did but we had a similar situation two years ago in Japan.

After a few minutes recording on the stairs, I put my DPA in my left hand and right hand and walked between the crowd to the temple to capture some walking sounds of the pedestrians. I stopped the recording in front of the gate and I am pretty happy with the recordings.

Location of the other recordings (included in one file)!

Equipment I used to record these Japan Crowds Sound Effects at Nara Park
Zoom H6
1 pair DPA 4060 with Rycote Windjammer
File length: 5.06 min
Format: 92/24 WAV

Download these Japan Crowds Sound Effects here!

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