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Howler Monkey Sound Effects from Costa Rica

I was lucky enough to live in Costa Rica for a while and experience the sounds of the howler monkeys first-hand. During my stay at a cozy Airbnb in the jungle near the coast, I was greeted every night by the sounds of these amazing animals. They would jump from tree to tree and create a concert of howls that was simply unforgettable.

One night, I was finally able to grab my recording gear and capture the sounds for myself. I quickly set up my equipment and began recording just as the howling began. However, our neighbors thought it would be a good time to chat and talk, so you can hear some laughter and conversation in the background. It was a shame that some people couldn’t appreciate the amazing animals right next to them.

In addition to the people, I couldn’t escape the sounds of the cicadas and the waves from the nearby beach. Despite these distractions, I was able to capture a beautiful recording of the howler monkeys that I will always treasure. Unfortunately, they didn’t return during the rest of my stay in the jungle, so I was grateful to have captured their sounds when I had the chance.

To share these unique sounds with others, I created a 20-track album on Bandcamp. You can download individual tracks or the entire album, and immerse yourself in the beautiful and wild sounds of the howler monkeys in Costa Rica.


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