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How To Create Drone Sounds Using
Ableton Live & Free Plugins

Let’s talk about drone sounds! In the past few months, I’ve been getting more and more interested in sound design. I have over 1TB of my own recordings which I provide on this site and in the All in One Bundle.

But what could I do with these sounds for myself? Two words, Sound Design!

No doubt, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in the world of sound design (especially if you’re new to it) and for me it’s important that I’m learning while experimenting with sounds.

Over the last years, I connected with many sound designers and learned about what tools and types of sounds they’re using to create new effects and/or music. Believe me when I tell you, it’s massive!

Ableton 10 Suite For Sound Design?

I used different DAWs and audio production tools along my journey and after discovering Ableton, I realized quickly it was the easiest program for me to understand and navigate. Also, I love all the tools, add-ons, tutorials, and masterclasses that are available from passionate Ableton users! This content is inspiring and definitely sped up my learning process. 

Recording Gear For Drone Sounds​

For me it’s important that I use my own equipment and the Geofón is an incredible device to record unique sounds. If it comes to dark drones or synths it’s perfect.

What is the Lom Geofón?

It’s a very sensitive geophone that would be normally used to record seismic activities but Jonas from Lom transformed it into a device that makes it possible to use it for field recording. Thanks again, Jonas. 🙂

How I Create The Dark Drone Sounds

In this video I show you how I create drone sounds using the Lom Geofon , the Zoom F6, a drying rack and two knives. With these tools alone, I can record the original source file without leaving the house.

If you’re a beginner you might not want to spent a lot of money and that’s why I show you a free plugin to recreate drone sounds. Ableton 10 Suite is currently free available for 90 days. That’s an amazing offer and if you like to redesign your own recordings I think this would be a great opportunity for you to start without investing!


I found the free plugins and racks that I showcase through research on YouTube and Facebook groups.  One of the best Facebook groups is definitely Audio Plugin Sales, Deals and Freebies – VST/AAX/AU/RE created by Stu Smith. If you’re in this group you will always find free software and super deals.

Free Racks I use in this video:

Dennis Kane linked in his YouTube video – DSK Drone Rack 

– T-Mech Music called Free Rack Bundle including the Shimmer rack

– the main plugin I use is the free available Valhalla Super Massive

– Ableton users who don’t have Granulator MK2 you can download for free here


If you like to use the original sound featured in this video or many other Geofón sounds you can check them out here.

In Conclusion

I’m very excited to learn more about sound design and gaining more tricks to re-create sounds! If you have any knowledge to share or insights about Ableton, I’d love to connect with you on either my private Facebook group or Instagram! Thanks for stopping by Free to Use Sounds!

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