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sound compilation: hong king backstreets

hong kong backstreets

Discover the mesmerizing ambience of Hong Kong’s maze-like backstreets


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The Real Ambience from Hong Kong's Eerie Backstreets

This new sound library encapsulates my all-time favorite recording experience – capturing the intricate, immersive sounds of Hong Kong’s characteristic backstreets, the echoes of which transport you into a sci-fi universe akin to Blade Runner. Picture actors navigating their way through narrow, mystic alleyways, accompanied by the background symphony of aging air conditioning units and a perpetual cascade of water droplets.

If you’ve had the pleasure of exploring Hong Kong, these sounds will instantly teleport you back to its unique alleyways. If not, this audio journey offers an authentic aural portrait of the narrow lanes you’d encounter in this vibrant city. Hong Kong’s backstreets have been celebrated through countless striking street photography; I urge you to view these images as you listen, fully immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of Hong Kong’s sonic and visual landscape.

Every single sound file in this library is a distinct treasure, each brimming with the spirit of Hong Kong’s tight alleyways. I eagerly anticipate the day I can return to further explore and record the city’s extraordinary sonic scenes.



Sound samples

Hong Kong Soundscape



hong kong backstreets

22 files • 24 bit /192 kHz • 4.5 GB
50 min

hong kong backstreets

Discover the mesmerizing ambience of Hong Kong’s maze-like backstreets.



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