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Hong Kong Apartments
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sound compilation: hong kong apartment complexes

Hong Kong Apartments

Night Ambience Yik Cheong “Monster” Building


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Discover the Spooky Side of Hong Kong’s Iconic Landmark

Soundscape of Yik Cheong Monster Building in Hong Kong

Experience the eerie and hair-raising soundscape of Hong Kong’s Yik Cheong Monster Building complex. This complex of interconnected high-rise apartment buildings has become an iconic landmark, attracting urban explorers and Instagrammers after serving as a filming location for Transformers 4 and Ghost in the Shell.


The Monster Building Complex: More Than Meets the Eye

Contrary to popular belief, the “Monster Building” is not just one building, but a complex of five interconnected structures. Erected as subsidized housing in the 1960s, the complex consists of Yick Cheong, Yick Fat, Fook Cheong Building, Oceanic Mansion, and Montane Mansion, creating an unexpected soundscape.


Recordings from the Heart of the Complex

We recorded the sounds in the inner courtyards, near the stairs, between closed shops, and near the nearest bus stop and escalators. The sounds felt enclosed yet unexplainably eerie, making it a unique soundscape unlike any other.


Equipment Used: Capturing the Heart of Hong Kong’s Soundscape

We used the Zoom F6 and the Wildtronics Stereo Microphones to capture hundreds of gigabytes of sound. Our recordings are just the beginning, and more unique sound libraries from Hong Kong are coming soon.


Respect the Residents & Enjoy the Local Life Responsibly

When visiting the Monster Building complex, it’s important to be respectful of the residents. While posters prohibit the use of drones and capturing photos and videos for privacy reasons, it’s always a good idea to ask for permission before recording. Remember, people live there!

So if you’re in Hong Kong and exploring Quarry Bay, take a stroll through the Yik Cheong Monster Building complex and immerse yourself in the unique soundscape that defines this iconic landmark.


Sound samples

Hong Kong Sound Effects Library - Apartments



Hong Kong apartments

9 files • 24 bit / 192 kHz • 1.4 GB
14 min

Hong Kong Apartments

Night Ambience Yik Cheong “Monster” Building



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