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Discover the unique vibrations of Hong Kong Bus Sounds

Embark on a unique sound journey with our Hong Kong bus sound library, capturing a slice of Hong Kong’s transportation – the renowned Toyota Coaster Green Bus, affectionately recognized as the Green Bus. This iconic bus, a staple of Hong Kong’s cityscape, is more than just a means of transport; each ride encapsulates a distinct experience, brimming with the city’s vibrant energy.

Recording these authentic sounds of the Green Bus in Hong Kong, especially amidst the ambient radio noise, was a challenge. Most of the recordings thus utilize a contact microphone.

However, for those seeking a purer sonic experience, we’ve included a comprehensive recording devoid of radio noise.

Our Green Bus sound library doesn’t stop at the ride sounds – it extends to capture the distinct clinking of the ticket machine, the rhythmic hum of the engine at a bus stop, the gear shifting, and the unique resonance of the green bus undergoing a thorough clean with a water hose.

Step aboard and experience the diverse sounds that define the Hong Kong Green Bus.


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