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Ho Chi Minh City Sound Effects

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Ho Chi Minh City Sound Effects

Recording Ho Chi Minh City’s sound effects and ambiences was an exciting and challenging endeavor. The city is a vibrant metropolis filled with amazing and unique sounds.

In January 2019, I set out to record as many of these sounds as possible using a rented motorbike. My goal was to create a comprehensive Vietnam sound effects library and my time in Ho Chi Minh City was an important part of that journey.

Despite challenges such as background noise and curious locals, I was able to record a wide range of sounds that truly capture the energy and chaos of the city.

My main focus was creating a traffic sound library, but I also recorded train, crowds, and industrial harbor sounds. This library is perfect for anyone looking for authentic and diverse sounds from Vietnam, whether it’s for personal or commercial use.

Overall, my experience in Ho Chi Minh City was a challenging but rewarding one and I am excited to share the sounds of this beautiful city with you.

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