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15 files • 24 bit / 96 kHz • 200 MB • 8 mins


Binaural In Flight Sound Effects Boeing 777

Recording inflight sound effects of a Boeing 777 is an exciting task for any sound designer or audio engineer. The unique soundscapes of an aircraft in flight can be challenging to capture, but with the right equipment and recording techniques, the results can be truly remarkable.

For this sound library, I had the opportunity to record sounds inside a 777-300 aircraft during a flight from Bangkok to Doha back in 2018. The aircraft was an older model, and the in-flight sounds from the engine were quite loud. Despite this, the flight was quite comfortable and smooth.

I captured a total of 16 different tracks inside the aircraft, including the engine speeding and warming up, the woman’s voice announcing “cabin crew take your seat for take-off,” the room tone before takeoff, the clicking of seatbelts, the closing of overhead compartments, the “bing” chimes sound, the take-off and rolling over the starting ramp with engine boost, the interference noise created by hanging up the speakerphone, the room tone after takeoff, the cabin crew announcement of “cabin crew prepare for landing,” the soft landing at Doha Airport, the engine rolling with a nice rumbling while driving to the gate, the room tone and engine sound after landing, the toilet flush sound effect, and the room tone in the toilet cabin.

These in-flight sound effects are perfect for any project that requires the unique soundscapes of an aircraft. They can be used in films, videos, and music production, as well as for personal and commercial projects. The sound library is royalty-free and can be used for any purpose.

The recording equipment used for this library includes a Zoom H6 recorder and a pair of Soundman OKM binaural headphones. The binaural recording technique captures the sound from the inside of the aircraft, providing a realistic and immersive experience for the listener.

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